Pennsylvania Pride Events

It’s Pride event season, and maybe it’s a little late for this post. Many Pride events are over already. But at Saturday’s meeting, we at Pool of Bethesda unanimously decided to have a table, and maybe a parade float, and maybe even an open-air Eucharist(!!!) at Capital Pride in Harrisburg next year, and that got me thinking: if I wanted to get my Pride on now, where would I go? Well, here’s where you can go.

Pride Festival of Central PA

Rainbow Alliance of Northeastern PA’s PrideFest (This page is rather, um, lightly maintained, and states that the Fest is being held at Montage Mountain water park. If you don’t know where that is, it’s in Scranton. Find Montage Mountain here.)

Erie PrideFest and Pride Day at Waldameer Park

Lehigh Valley’s Pride in the Park (The URL says 2015, but it’s current, I promise.)


All listed events have yet to take place as of the date of this post. Go forth and be proud!


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